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The recent news reports that the number of people who use electronic cigarettes in the UK has tripled over the past two years to 2.1 million, according to health charity estimates.

The survey was carried out by ASH the Action on Smoking and Health and it surveyed more than 12,000 adult smokers. Those now estimated to be using electronic cigarettes, around 700,000 are thought to be ex-smokers and 1.3 million to be using them alongside normal cigarettes or tobacco. Theses kind of studies look at alternatives to smoking using patches, gum and the e-cigarettes. Another way of obtaining Nicotine – Nicotine Replacement Therapy. It appears that getting smokers to use E-cigarettes instead of cigarettes and using them is the answer. Wouldn’t it be better to be looking at ways to end smoking for good

Simon Clark, director of Forest, a group that supports smokers, said it welcomed the rise of e-cigarettes and was glad people had a choice of what to smoke. But he suggested that most smokers using e-cigarettes were experimenting with them rather than using them to give up smoking altogether. “We haven’t seen a significant fall in smokers. Most smokers still find electronic cigarettes quite basic and it will take a few more years for the technology to improve.” Its interesting to note many of the manufacturers of E-cigarettes also made ones with tobacco in them.

Study leader Prof Robert West from The Smoking Toolkit Study, England said: “Despite claims that use of electronic cigarettes risks renormalising smoking, we found no evidence to support this view. “On the contrary, electronic cigarettes may be helping to reduce smoking as more people use them as an aid to quitting. “It found the proportion of smokers who gave up smoking in the past year has increased and smoking rates in England were continuing to fall.

It seems finding a substitute to cigarettes is the main to these studies. Maybe it should be to spend more time helping people to quit. The way that electronic cigarettes are being reported shows that people are becoming hooked on vaping and spending more and more money on the products. Great news for the E-cigarette industry.