What can I do if i’m afraid of speaking in public?

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What can I do if i’m afraid of speaking in public?

The Guardian recently publised https://amp.theguardian.com/books/2019/feb/04/public-speaking-sam-leith?__twitter_impression=true an interesting article all about the fear of public speaking with lots of really great links to help and advice. Here’s some of the ideas that I think can really help you to look at speaking to a crowd in presentations, or even for something like a best man’s wedding speech.
They make a really good point about how the most important thing is for a crowd to see that you are at ease. Nerves can be infectious, so if you look nervous the audience will pick up on that and become nervous too. It’s not really the words that you are saying that is the most important thing.
It is good to remember that in fact your audience are probably on your side! They want to enjoy what you are saying if it is a wedding speech, and if you are teaching them something they probably want to understand and learn something from you.
The article also reiterates one of the most important things…Know Your Audience!
If you know who you are talking to then you can create what you are doing to help you as much as them. You don’t need to specific on the ins and outs. Write some notes up, maybe just a few cue words on cards. The last thing you should do is read all your notes out. If you can’t read it as well as a presenter on the News programmes doing the latest story, then it just isn’t a good way to work.

Come learn more about how hypnotherapy and other techniques, this can mean you can let go of the nerves and really enjoy talking to people.

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