Overcome Depression – Hypnotherapy Sessions Wakefield

Depression sucks. Mornings can sometimes be the hardest of all and getting out of bed feels like an impossible feat.

Depression effects your mind, body and behavior, for many depression is an isolated lonely inward-looking place where motivation and energy are extremely low.

You can feel so bad because you are caught up in this vicious spiral of negative thinking, negative feeling and behaving.

Onlookers, family, and friends ask how you are? How you’ve been? And why they haven’t seen you around lately? The answer is always some variation of “I’m fine” and “I’ve been busy”, – it’s programmed in at this point, mainly to avoid the effort of attention, but also to avoid the unnecessary calls of concern. That’s the thing about depression, it somehow coaxes you into a state of thinking that getting help is the worst possible outcome, purely because of the strain, and the false belief that you’re not worth it.

The scariest thing is: that one person in 10 will suffer from depression. A condition which makes you feel so alone, so bleak and segregated, is something that over 6 million people in the UK will have to struggle through.

Its important to understand there are different types of depression and that some are more debilitating than others – and more serious. And really important is that people experience depression differently. For example you may feel angry and behave in an angry and hostile way, whilst another person may not have the energy to be angry, they may feel helpless  and very lethargic.

Is this you?


Whilst we can all feel low occasionally, with your depression you’ve probably been experiencing symptoms such as:

    • Feeling sad, bad, guilty, angry or frustrated
    • You no longer enjoy the things you used to
    • Feelings of tiredness and sleep problems
    • A loss in appetite and interest in things
    • Reduced concentration
    • Focusing on the negative
    • Feelings that things will never get better
And you may be experiencing many other symptoms of depression that leave you feeling unhappy, frustrated and exhausted.

However much you currently think things can never get any better for you, isn’t it time you found that way to lift that weight and start feeling better?

Hypnotherapy is a safe and gentle option which can be very effective in dealing with depression. Hypnotherapy can, if appropriate, get to the core and make real changes for the better – quickly. However, your doctor will be able to check that there is no other reason for your symptoms.

Although it might be a burden to pick up the phone, or send an email, just get in touch. Helping you with your depression can start with just a few taps on a keyboard.

Client Testimonials

I had received hypnotherapy a number of years previously for treating agoraphobia and I found it very effective and changed my life. The problem of anxiety arose after my mum and dad passed away 3 years ago, and I felt sure it would help me again.
I was right. In contacting Lynne I found it really helpful. I felt more confident and less worried about the future. I found Lynne to be very professional but friendly and very approachable which I personally feel is why my treatment was successful.
It wasn’t just the hypnotherapy, it was working together with Lynne and putting things in place that I could use at home if I suffered a “blip”.
I would recommend anyone to be treated with hypnotherapy in this way as it is very successful, and has worked for me.


I sought the help of Lynne because I was struggling with alcohol. I am not addicted to alcohol but when I had to socialise I drank excessively to give me confidence. It did not matter if I knew them well or not at all. I would always drink before I went out would get really drunk become argumentative say and do things I would never do sober or a little tipsy. Lynn helped me through hypnosis what in my past could be one of the reasons I do this and gave me coping techniques. It has been approx. 10 months since I last had hypnotherapy and with the exception of a couple of lapses I have really controlled my alcohol intake at social events and people have commented I have done well and they are proud of me.


The results were almost instant, as you put my life in perspective. I could see things for what they were and the self-help i.e. breathing and techniques really worked for me.
I’ve not looked back.
I’ve not had an episode at all, I’ve cut down on my drinking. Losing weight slowly and feel generally more motivated. I’ve started to wean myself off the panic attack meds under guidance from docs, and I’m doing great.
I wouldn't think twice about returning to see you if I felt I needed it as you were very easy to talk to and put me at ease straight away. My life at the moment is great, and this is all because you taught me about my life and put it in order.
Can’t thank you enough


GHSC Accredited

The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) and General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) are the UK’s largest and most prominent organisations within the field of Hypnotherapy and together present an exemplary model for the simultaneous protection of the public and the provision of practitioner credibility and services. The GHSC is responsible for overseeing the criteria for the ongoing registration of individual practitioners within the GHR, all complaints brought by the public against such registered practitioners and for the assessment and accreditation of hypnotherapy training courses which lead to that registration.