Relax and Sleep

By August 25, 2013Sleep, Uncategorized

When you hit the sack, don’t be a ‘Fixer’ ‘Clock Watcher’

You lie in bed and close your eyes. But your mind is working overtime. You know you need a good sleep tonight and want to wake up fresh the next day. Your adrenaline begins to go through your system and you feel more awake. Another thought has entered your head.

The deepening trance states of hypnosis is level between alert conciousness and sleep. Basic relaxation from waking to rest can be smoothed by hypnosis, however you need to first look at your own sleep pattern, removing any outside cause that may be hindering a good nights sleep.

Consuming too many stimulants during the day e.g including large amounts of caffeine in your daily diet, taking a nap during the day or stimulating mental and physical activities just prior to going to bed. Also using your bed for a place for business calls, letters, working on a report this becomes a place for activity and not relaxation.

Are you a Fixer? – “I have to…..”
Are you a Clock Watcher – “what time is it now…..”

You may be able to drift off to sleep but wake in the night and are unable to return to a restful state as you mind starts to work.

Using hypnotherapy, positive statements during hypnosis are suggested to reprogram your subconscious to replace old patterns with new, positive and relaxing ways. Using your relaxed physical state and peaceful mind to have a restful sleep and wake fully refreshed in the morning.