Jennifer Saunders uses Hypnosis to help her write the Absolutely Fabulous script

By March 2, 2014Uncategorized

Ab Fab Jennifer Saunders has hypnotherapy for procrastination. More and more celebrities are turning to hypnotherapy and hypnosis to help them in their lives, the latest is Jennifer Saunders who has revealed that she uses Hypnotherapy and hypnosis to help her write the Absolutely Fabulous film script and end her problems with procrastination.

Jennifer told an audience at The Independent Bath Literature Festival yesterday, “The big screen version of her hit television show Absolutely Fabulous is going to happen,” She revealed for the first time the extent of the struggle she has faced in writing the script for the planned film, first mooted in 2011, she said: “I am actually having treatment, hypnotherapy, for procrastination. It’s true, What my hypnotist said was to get rid of the backpack of negativity.”

One great incentive for Jennifer to finish the script this year is that she’ll be out of pocket to the tune of £100,000 to her former comedy partner Dawn French if it isn’t finished.

“Dawn tricked me on the radio,” Saunders said yesterday. “She bet me £100,000 that I don’t write it this year, so I have to.”

If you have issues and problems with procrastination then get in touch with me. It’s not the first time that I have seen this issue. I have worked with clients in the past who are looking to help them with procrastination and the motivation and enthusiasm that they can gain often surprises them.