Jacques Peretti’s documentary on BBC2 “the men who made us thin”

By August 18, 2013Weight Management

Episode one & two brief review for Jacques Peretti’s documentaries on BBC2

Episode one – How many people have been on a diet, lost weight and then kept it off? Peretti finds some interesting facts. Studies have shown that the pattern of diets means that you nearly always regain the weight.

In 1944 an experiment took place at the university of Minesotta where 36 men lived on a diet of just 1500 calories a day for six months. The experiment was run by American nutritionist Ancel Keys and they were monitored constantly. Being starved meant that many were mentally as well as physically affected. Some tried to escape to eat grass in the nearby grounds. The diet industry after the 6 months period were over noted the men quickly put the weight back on and more. It proved that trying to lose weight with a diet over the long term will not work for the majority of people. There were hundreds of products appearing. Therefore if the diets fails in the long run people will keep trying new diets which is a wealthy boost for the industry.

The NHS now pays for patients to go to slimming groups. The statistics show that out of 1000 people offered the classes 115 will agree to attend, 64 will actually attend, after five years just 10 people will maintain their goal weight. (Dr. Carl Henegan)


Episode two – Why does the food industry put so much money into promoting exercise?  The weight loss, diet and exercise industry is growing. As people get bigger so do profits

So many people are desperate to lose weight, 60% of us are overweight. Peretti took part in a spinning class, a fat burning class in London, to find out how much effort he has to use to lose weight through exercise. The class was one hour long and this extreme spinning burns off the calories in two mars bars, it took a lot of effort to lose those calories.
In fact 75% of the calories we burn are during what is known as our resting state.

Gyms in the UK market themselves as places to lose weight, however to do this you have to go at least five times a week and work out for a hour and half each time however most people don’t do this. Taking exercise is a good thing it will keep you fit and healthy it just may not be a way that you can lose weight.
The connection between sport and the food industry has grown.
The largest macdonalds in the world was built right next to the Olympic stadium. The US market for sports sponsorship is one of the largest in the world.

The Pharmaceutical industry in the 1980’s started with slimming pills, these went on the market, however physicians started to connect health issues to the drugs taken. However the US FDA gave its blessings to the same drugs. Paretti met Gustv Ando who explained that defining the obesity problem as an epidemic has vastly increased sales.

How much money, time and effort you have put into your diets and exercising in the past. 

As a hypnotherapist I know dieting usually results in deprivation, followed by overeating and then dieting again. Diets are focused around nutrition and people emotionally comfort eat. Hypnotherapy can change the way that people think and feel about food. 

Excercising keeps people fit but as Peretti found out it is hard work to lose weight this way