Fear of Flying

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Fear of Flying

Listening to BBC Radio 2 last week, the topic you may have heard was how hypnosis can help those suffering from fear of flying.

Fear of flying is a phobia that is also referred to as Aerophobia, Aviatophobia, or Aviophobia.

It is estimated that some 5 million people in the UK alone suffer from this phobia, many don’t speak about it.

What are the causes why some people have the fear of flying?

Like most phobias it is not something that we are born with, it may have started by our parents reactions or maybe by the media when something has happened in aviation.

Fear of flying may be a combination of two areas of fear:

1) Claustrophobia (a fear of enclosed spaces)
2) Acrophobia (fear of heights)

Sometimes Agoraphobia (a fear of panicking in a space you cannot escape from) may be a reason.

Phobia can present itself in individuals in many ways, panic attacks, irrational behaviour, vomiting, total refusal to travel and not sleeping etc. and can have a great impact on one’s life if you wish to travel abroad on holiday or have to with work.

People may have the fear about one part of air travel, may be take off or landing, fear of turbulence etc. it is individual and can be traumatising so therefore people avoid travelling altogether.

Maybe attending a fear of flying course which can help people to understand how an aircraft works and will fill you with statistical facts to help you to feel more comfortable.

Hypnosis is proven to have helped many people to overcome their fears and phobias.

Hypnotherapy will help you change your mindset and learn a new pattern of behaviour, you will be able to relax and enjoy the freedom of flying. Many clients who have overcome their fear of flying with hypnosis agree it could be the most important step you ever take to overcome your fear for good.