Emotional State to Self Respect

By August 24, 2013Uncategorized

Have you ever felt stuck saying you were shy? Or afraid? Or angry?

We get stuck in such negative states because we positively think it’s “just the way we are.” The feeling state is so powerful it grows and gets our focus so that we do not recognize how we create it. We overlook what happened before it.

We have to remember nothing came from nowhere we have to find out where the cause came from.
We feel what we feel, since we experience it so vividly, negatively, which reinforces the belief that the state is a true fact about us — I am a angry person, etc. We start to believe in this way “I feel it, it just is, therefore it must be true about me.”

Ask yourself if you know what you did to feel angry? Could you feel angry if you didn’t first judge yourself to be not good enough in some way? Could you be angry without thinking how the other person is going to judge you, and could you feel angry if the other person doesn’t judge you?

To be an angry person you have to believe your thoughts, that you aren’t good enough, that other peoples judgements of you are always true and you wont be able to stand the rejection.

As you see your anger coming out of nowhere because ‘thats the way you are’ you can realise that your anger is a product of your negative thinking and you need to question its validity.

Look at what you were thinking before your emotional state and practise “the anger is not “just the way I am” and ask what do I believe to feel this way?