Eight steps to better sleep

By March 15, 2015Sleep

With one in three Britons suffering from insomnia, here is my top tips on getting a better night’s sleep.

A lot of my clients complain about insomnia, but the truth for many is that the inability to get a good night’s sleep is nothing to do with insomnia. It’s    all about anxiety, severe worrying and stress.

And that whatever the cause of that busy mind”‘a lack of sleep will end up affecting your daily life in many ways, and that includes relationships, work, social and weight just to name a few”

The Eight Steps to a Better Sleep

1. Slow Down: turn off devices including ipads, laptops as soon as you can. The light from these keeps  the mind awake. Just like with a baby tell yourself its time to sleep by dimming or turning the lights down and remember no caffeine after 11am.

2. Deep Breathing: I know can be so boring but it helps focus the mind.

3. The Refocus: a way of calming the mind is to imagine yourself somewhere you really like i.e. imagine yourself going for a walk in the countryside, calmly and peacefully. Matching your breath to each to you walking pace and get a rhythm going – the mind likes rhythm – just like a baby.

4. Ask yourself “what can I do about this right now?” Make a note of the things you can actually do, writing this down offloads then if there is nothing else you can do in that moment, relax and remind yourself to be in the moment.

5. Ask yourself “in 1 years time will this even matter?” The likely answer this is No!

6. If your thoughts are keeping you awake: try to take a look at them. Negative thoughts create negative results and do not help with a whirring mind. Writing down your thoughts; looking at them logically and clearly even if its the morning after, can really help you understand the negative thinking is a cycle you want and need to break.

7. Worrying is exhausting, its a feeling created by a thought……. see no.6!!

8. Get the mind and body connection going: Put on some comfortable clothes and go inwards…. notice how your body feels and reconnect with yourself